What Chair Does PewDiePie Use?

What Chair Does PewDiePie Use?
June 5, 2020 Sandis Mukans
what chair does pewdiepie use

In this article, you will find out everything there is to know about PewDiePie chair.

This article will review the PewDiePie chair’s main features and price. At the end of this article, there is a comparison of different chairs used by high profile FPS and sim racing gamers.

This article also includes reviews of PewDiePie chair from people who own it.

If you didn’t know it, yes, you can buy precisely the same chair that PewDiePie has.

PewDiePie uses PewDiePie LED 100 Million Edition – Throttle series chair by ClutchChairz. Some of PewDiePie chair’s main features are LED lighting, 4D armrests, and the possibility to tilt it back by over 50%. It also has a remote that changes LED colors. PewDiePie chair costs $469.99, and it is one of the best gaming chairs available.  

So the PewDiePie chair is made by a company named ClutchChairz.

Besides PewDiePie LED 100 Million Edition – Throttle series chair, which can be purchased on ClutchChairz’s official website, they offer two other PewDiePie edition chairs as well – PewDiePie LED Edition chair and a standard PewDiePie Edition chair.

All three chairs are relatively similar. The cheapest version doesn’t have the LEDs. Whereas the PewDiePie LED 100 Million Edition – Throttle series and PewDiePie LED Edition – Throttle Series are practically the same. Their features are identical, as well as their price. Both chairs cost $469.99.

The main differences between both chairs are the custom 100M logo and the gold stitching.

Most importantly all three PewDiePie chairs have the brofist logo on them.


LED lighting

100M logo

Price on ClutchChairz

PewDiePie LED 100 Million Edition – Throttle series chair




PewDiePie LED Edition – Throttle Series chair




PewDiePie Edition – Throttle Series chair





Here is what PewDiePie has to say about his chair.

“Your back will thank you. Does your chair have lumbar support and neck support? I don’t think so. Can your chair do this? I don’t think so. This thing is the Lamborghini of chairs. It’s not a chair. Its a lifestyle.”

Here are the top features of the PewDiePie chair:

  • tilts back by over 50%
  • 4D armrests
  • multi-color LED

Here is what other people who own PewDiePie’s chair have to say about it:

If you order it direct, it’s $399. It is a remarkable and comfortable chair. Assembly was straightforward and took about 30 minutes. The chair does go back just like in Pewd’s videos.

Edward C. Morgan, Amazon.com


Overall, this is a really nice chair. Everything is just soft. I could sleep in this chair.

Luukachuu, Youtube.com


It is probably the comfiest thing I’ve ever sat in. It is unreal. It is 100 times better than my old chair.

Solidarity, Youtube.com


I love the chair, and I’m always happy to support the creators I enjoy. Looks intimidating, very comfortable. Easy to assemble and operate.

nfseskimo, usa.clutchchairz.com


It is super comfortable, and super-adjustable, the LEDs look great, and the chair is just pleasing to look at. It is pretty pricy, but it is worth it.

nfseskimo, usa.clutchchairz.com


Most people buy gaming chairs because they look good. PewDiePie’s red-colored chair with the LEDs and the brofist logo on it looks cool, but there are several things you should consider before getting a gaming chair.

Most of the mid-range to high-end gaming chairs will be a good option for sim racers, although a bucket seat would be an even better choice.

For example, Jimmy Broadbent (one of the most popular sim racing YouTubers) uses OMP TRS-E $300 bucket seat like this one on Amazon.

You can read about Jimmy’s sim racing equipment in another article of mine here.

Alternatively, for FPS games, you could consider getting an ergonomic office chair.

For example, Shroud (one of the most popular streamers on Mixer) uses the Herman Miller Aeron chair. Its price on Amazon is $1,300.00.

To read about Shroud’s gaming setup, click here.

PewDiePie Chair Price

As I’ve already mentioned, PewDiePie LED 100 Million Edition – Throttle series chair costs $469.99.

But what are the alternatives?

Check what such companies as DXRacer and Secretlab have to offer.

Secretlab’s TITAN costs $399, and it might be the best alternative to PewDiePie chair.

If you’re looking for a gaming seat under $200, get GTRACING PRO Series GT099. Its price on Amazon is $169.99, and it’s their bestseller seat.

If you’re just starting, it might not be worth investing in such an expensive chair. Go for cheaper alternatives instead. There are plenty of good gaming seats under $200 available on Amazon.

When choosing a gaming chair, remember to check its height and weight requirements. Look for a gaming chair that will fit your body type.

Most gaming chair companies will have specially designed chairs for both smaller and bigger users. If you’ve found a gaming chair that you like, but it’s not available in your size, look for another chair.


PewDiePie 100M Chair

Soon after PewDewPie reached 100 million subscribers on YouTube, the ClutchZone released a new chair to celebrate this great achievement.

At the end of 2016, PewDiePie became the first YouTuber to hit 50 million subscribers.

Around September 2018, the race to 100 million subscribers began. It was an exciting time to be on YouTube because many famous YouTubers and people around the world started coming up with creative ideas to support PewDiePie in this race.

As you might already know, T-series was the first YouTube channel to hit 100 million subscribers.

Nevertheless, PewDiePie is the first individual creator to achieve 100M subscribers on YouTube.

So here’s the video from ClutchZone’s YouTube channel that shows PewDiePie 100M chair for the first time.


What Gaming Chairs Do Pros Use?

Of course, PewDiePie is not the only one who has a custom chair that’s available for purchase to anyone.

Nevertheless, several high profile gamers do not pay attention to the looks of the chair as much as to its ergonomy.

Shroud uses a Herman Miller Aeron chair. These chairs have a strong emphasis on health. They’re designed to reduce strain. Herman Miller Aeron chairs are among the most expensive chairs available.

Shroud’s chair costs $1300.00

Ninja uses fully customized (blue and black color scheme, yellow sticking, and, of course, the logo) Maxnomic chair that based on their Pro-Gaming & Office model. Its price on the Needforseatusa website is $399.00.

Unlike with the fully customized PewDiePie chair, you won’t be able to purchase Ninja chair. Meaning you can get the same model, but it will have its default color scheme.

Summit1g uses the Secretlab TITAN chair. Its price on the official Secretlab’s website is $399.00.

Tfue uses the Maxnomic Commander S BWE (black and white edition) chair with a custom Tfue logo on it. Its a gaming chair that has high-quality features of Maxnomic office-comfort chairs. Its price on Maxnomic’s website is $479.00.

Myth uses Vertagear Triigger 350 SE ergonomic office/gaming chair. It has a multi-directional headrest and lumbar support, but its armrest is only 2D. Its price on the official Vertagear website is $999.00.

DrDisrespect uses SIDIZ T80 highly adjustable ergonomic office chair. Its price on Amazon is $699.00.

He got it in 2019, and according to Dr. Dirsrespect, the chair has transcended him beyond perfection. Also, if you would like to read about Dr. Disrespect’s $315,000 PC build and streaming gear, read this article of mine.

Jimmy Broadbent uses the OMP TRS-E bucket seat. It costs around $300.00. Of course, PewDiePie wouldn’t need a chair like this because he simply doesn’t play sim racing games.

Here is the list of gaming chairs used by gamers mentioned in this article.





Herman Miller Aeron



Vertagear Triigger 350 SE


Dr. Disrespect




Maxnomic Commander S BWE



PewDiePie LED 100 Million Edition



Maxnomic Classic Pro



Secretlab TITAN


Jimmy Broadbent

OMP TRS-E bucket seat



As you can see, PewDiePie is far away from having the most expensive chair.

Shroud’s (1.1M followers on Mixer) chair costs almost three times more than PewDiePie’s chair.

Summit1g’s (5.3M followers on Twitch) chair costs only $399.00. Well, that’s when comparing to Shroud’s chair.

Both Shroud and Summit1g are professional streamers, but their chairs are quite different. Of course, it often has to do with their sponsorship deals.

Nevertheless, all of these guys are competitive players, and I doubt they would ever sign a sponsorship deal that would ruin or disturb their chances of winning.

It means that all of it comes down to personal preference.

Luckily for PewDiePie, the brofist and his red and black color scheme are parts of his branding that attracts many of his followers. It allows him to build a real business on that.

So I hope you had a good read.

I did my best to include all the information you might find useful. Now the only thing that remains is to decide what gaming chair to get.

Remember all the tips and tricks I shared in this article and choose the one that fits you the best.

Have a great day, and see you on YouTube.