What Chair Does Ninja Use?

What Chair Does Ninja Use?
June 11, 2020 Sandis Mukans
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what chair does Ninja use

In this article, you will find out everything there is to know about Ninja’s chair. We will review its specs and main features.

Besides that, we’ll also take a look at what gaming chairs other high profile streamers use.

If you came here just to find out what gaming chair does Ninja use, then you will find the answer in the next paragraph. But, if you’re in search of a new gaming chair, use this article to learn several tips and tricks for choosing the perfect chair to stream your gaming sessions.

So, what chair does Ninja use? Ninja uses a fully customized limited edition Maxnomic by NEEDforSEAT chair that’s based on their Pro-Gaming & Office model. Ninja uses Maxnomic’s Classic PRO series chair, and its price on the official NEEDforSEAT website is $399.00.

Ninja’s gaming chair has a blue and black color scheme, yellow stitching, and, of course, Ninja’s logo on it. Only one chair like Ninja has was ever made. Thus, it is not available to a broader audience.

So you won’t be able to purchase precisely the same looking chair as Ninja has. NEEDforSEAT’s limited edition means that Ninja will be the only one to have a chair like this.

Anyway, check out these Maxnomic gaming chairs on Amazon. You can still get the same chair model that Ninja has.

Here is what NEEDforSEAT has to say about collaboration with Ninja: “We here at NEEDforSEAT were beyond excited at the opportunity to design and create limited edition Ninja chair. Limited edition does mean that he’s got the only one in existence. If you want a chair just like his, though don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Ninja sits in our Pro-Gaming & Office model, and we’ve got a style for everyone.

It is a great offer. Wouldn’t you want a one of a kind custom streaming chair?

When ordering a chair from NEEDforSEAT, there is an input field. Type in your desired name, and they will embroider it. It will cost an additional €50.00.

The available embroidery colors are orange, white, gray, and black.

Note that the size of the embroidery may vary depending on the count/width of the characters and, therefore, can sometimes be bigger than the preview.

Of course, if you’re a high profile streamer like Ninja is, then you get a fully customized chair. The synthetic leather of Ninja’s chair comes in blue and black colors. The stitching is in yellow. And, of course, the embroidered Ninja logo.

ninja chair

So you can’t get the same chair as Ninja has. But other streamers have their chairs for sale online. For example, Pew Die Pie LED 100 Million Edition chair. Anyone can buy the same chair he has with all the LEDs, 4D armrests, and PewDiePie color scheme.


Ninja Chair Price

Ninja chair price on the official NEEDforSEAT website is $399.00.

Alternatively, you could buy it on Amazon.

$399.00 is quite a lot for a gaming chair, and if you’re at the beginning of your streaming career, most likely, you don’t even need such an expensive chair. Of course, if you can afford it, get it.

Alternatively, you could look for computer chairs under $200.

A $169.99 chair like this on Amazon would be an excellent choice for beginners. Its GTRacing bestseller chair.

If money isn’t an issue and you play FPS games, consider getting an ergonomic office chair from Herman Miller. Such streamers as Shroud and Timthetatman both use the Herman Miller Aeron series chair. Depending on its configuration, its price is around $1400.00. Many people who own the chair have said that its the best thing they have ever sat in.

I have several articles that review popular streamer chairs. Usually, high profile streamers have paid for their chairs from $400.00 to $600.00 unless they got their chairs from their sponsors.

I can only assume that Ninja got his streaming chairs thanks to his sponsorship deal with NEEDforSEAT.


Ninja Gaming Chair Specifications

If you’re trying to figure out which gaming chair is best for you, always remember to check its height and weight requirements. Get a gaming chair that will fit your body type.

If you like Ninja’s chair and you’re willing to get one for yourself, use Maxnomic’s chair configurator.

It will help you to make the right choice. If you’ve found a chair that you like, but it’s not available in your size, make a smart decision, and look for another chair. Don’t invest in a chair that’s simply too small or too big for you.

Note that NEEDforSEAT recommends getting a heavy-duty base for people weighing more than 220lbs. This option will add $79.90 to the price of the chair.

You could also go with the premium armrest. It would add $59.90, but you would get sturdier build armrests that include finger rests.


Maxnomic chairs come in four sizes:

  • Casual sport – size S
  • Pro-gaming & office – size M
  • Office comfort – size L
  • XL series – XL


Here is the Maxnomic Classic PRO size chart:



M (Ninja)




5′ 0″ – 5′ 9″

5′ 10 – 6′ 1″

6′ 2″ – 6′ 5″

5′ 0″ – 7′ 0″


110lbs – 176lbs

177lbs – 220lbs

221lbs – 285lbs

286lbs – 375lbs


Ninja’s Maxnomic Classic PRO specs:

  • Assembly required – Yes
  • 4D armrests – Yes
  • Inside material – Durable cold cured foam
  • Cover material – high-quality synthetic leather


Ninja Gaming Chair Features

Here is the list of the main Ninja Maxnomic chair features.


Chair back adjustment

Maxnomic chair backs are highly adjustable. From a 90 degree upright position, they recline 49 degrees and lean forward approximately 7 degrees – a total of 56 degrees of adjustability.

As this chair’s back also positions slightly forward, it allows support of the spine when leaning in.

While a seat recline of 49 degrees is more than enough, some chairs do even better than that.

For example, a PewDiePie LED 100 Million Editon chair. It tilts back by over 50%. At first, it’s scary, but you soon get used to that.


Lumbar support

Every model of the OFFICE-COMFORT category comes with this adjustable lumbar support in the backrest. The additional control knob is on the side. By rotating the knob, you control the amount of pressure to support the spine comfortably.


Gas lift cylinder

Now, if you’re a bit smaller guy, you might want to get a chair that comes with a shortened gas lift.

Maxnomic chairs have standard CLASS 4 gas lift cylinders, and they provide a freely adjustable height of +/- ca. 4 inches (10cm).

Consider getting Noblechairs gaming chair instead. Besides high-quality chairs, they also sell shortened gas lifts. Their gas lift average price is 34 USD.

Noblechairs standard hydraulic gas lift is designed for users approximately 5.9 feet in height. With the lift offering between 1.9 inches and 2.3 inches of adjustability, it makes it a good chair for tall users.

By the way, Summit1g uses Noblechairs HERO gaming and office chair. You can read about in another article of mine HERE.



Ninja is the most followed streamer on Mixer. He has more than 3 million subscribers to his channel.

Nevertheless, he’s nowhere near to other streamers when it comes to how much their gaming chairs cost. But you can’t deny that his chair looks pretty cool. It Ninja’s color scheme, and it sits in his streaming room’s design perfectly.

Some streamers go with chairs explicitly designed for gaming, but others choose ergonomic office chairs instead.

Of course, in many cases, it has to do with sponsorship deals.

I did my best to answer what the chair does Ninja use. Hopefully, you had a good read, and this article was somehow useful to you.

Streamers update their equipment all the time. If you notice that Ninja has changed his gaming chair, please let me know, and I will do my best to update the article as soon as possible.

Have a great day, and see you online.