What Camera And Mic Does MrBeast Use?

What Camera And Mic Does MrBeast Use?
May 7, 2020 streamerwiz

Many assume that all of the famous YouTubers use high-end camera brands, but it is not entirely true for MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson).

What might come as a surprise to you, MrBeast reached his first 100 000 subscribers for his YouTube channel by using only his iPhone 5. Of course, with more than 30 million subscribers to his channel, he has now upgraded his vlogging equipment.

So, what camera does MrBeast use? MrBeast is using Sony FDRAX53/B 4K HD Video Recording Camcorder as one of his main vlogging cameras. It is an excellent camera for vlogging and getting into 4K/UHD shooting. Still, its unique selling point is its Balanced Optical SteadyShot image stabilizer, which helps to shoot smooth YouTube videos. As for the microphone, MrBeast is using Rode VideoMic Go.

Of course, Sony isn’t the only vlogging camera used by MrBeast and his team. Here is a list of all cameras used by MrBeast:

  • Sony FDRAX53/B
  • G7X Mark II
  • EOS 80D
  • GoPro HERO7

His main camera (Sony FDRAX53/B) costs noticeably less than other 4K cameras. Its price on Amazon is 799.99 USD – see its current price, specs, and reviews HERE on Amazon.

There is a reason why this 4K camera is cheaper than others – it shoots 4K video only when it’s on a tripod. Meaning you won’t be able to shoot 4K YouTube videos when holding the camera in your hand. Those will be regular HD videos instead.

Note that this camera won’t be suitable for live streaming unless you’re ready to pay 99 USD per year to subscribe to Sony’s live streaming service.

Other than that, Sony FDRAX53/B will be more than an excellent camera for your first YouTube videos.

It is the only camcorder for the price with the floating lens. As I’ve already mentioned before, its the BOSS (Balanced Optical SteadyShot) system that helps to smooth your motions.

None of this was MrBeast’s concern when he started his YouTube career.

Skip to 4:38 in the video below, where he, together with Casey Neistat, is discussing the exaggerated importance of having expensive video equipment to create YouTube videos.


Did you hear him saying he used an old laptop with the built-in microphone to record his first videos?

Even when his viewers complained about the video quality, he kept going with the equipment he had available. So how do you think how many future YouTubers overthink the importance of the vlogging equipment?

At that time, it surely was a huge improvement for him to get his iPhone5. Can you imagine getting to 2000 YouTube subscribers by filming with an iPhone 5 and at 30fps 720p?

By the way, videos taken with his iPhone helped him to get his first 100 000 YouTube subscribers.

MrBeast equipment

Of course, I do not expect that this touching story will make you want to record your first YouTube video with an old laptop. So let’s learn next about what microphone does MrBeast use?


What Mic Does MrBeast Use?

As for the microphone, MrBeast is using Rode VideoMic GO.

Its price on Amazon is 80 USD – see its current price, specs, and reviews HERE on Amazon.

Rode VideoMic Go is compatible with previously mentioned MrBeast’s Sony FDRAX53/B. The mic slots directly into the fitting at the top of the camera, and once inserted, the camera switches to using it.

It is not the only microphone he is using for vlogging, but I couldn’t find information about other microphones he would use.

Nevertheless, the most popular DSLR microphone among other famous YouTubers is Rode Video Mic Pro.

It is a professional-grade shotgun microphone, and it costs almost three times more than the Rode VideoMic GO – see its current price, specs, and reviews HERE on Amazon.

The audio quality will be good enough even when standing and speaking 15 feet away from the microphone.

You could also consider getting Rode Video Mic Pro Plus. It has automatic power switching. Meaning it will turn on when plugged into the camera and switch itself off when unplugged. It also has great shock mount to remove unwanted noise from handling the camera.

Note that you will also have to purchase a 9V lithium battery for the Rode Video Mic Pro Plus to work correctly. The microphone does not come with lithium batteries when you buy it, and AA batteries won’t do the job as well.


How Does MrBeast’s YouTube Setup Look Like?

There is a video on YouTube from 2015 where MrBeast gives a humorous tour through his “YouTube studio,” which at that time appears to be his bedroom as well. Search for the “Beast’s Room Tour” if you want to find the video I am talking about.

As most of the recent videos from MrBeast’s YouTube channel are filmed outside, it is challenging to spot any green screens, umbrella lights, tripods, or other equipment many other YouTuber’s would use for their YouTube studios.

At the beginning of this article, I mentioned three other camera models used by MrBeast’s team to film videos:

  • G7X Mark II
  • EOS 80D
  • GoPro HERO7

Canon EOS 80D

Canon EOS 80D is the most expensive camera MrBeast has. It costs around 900 USD on Amazon.

Note that EOS 80D is not a 4K camera. This camera’s best alternative with 4K video is Canon EOS 90D, which costs around 1100 USD on Amazon.


GoPro HERO7 is the cheapest camera he has. It costs around 230 USD on Amazon. I wouldn’t worry about purchasing the newest GoPro camera. With three years old GoPro camera, you still will be able to film great quality videos.

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II

MrBeast’s Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II costs around 500 USD on Amazon, and it is a good vlogging camera. Note you won’t be able to plug in an external mic. Depending on what type of YouTube videos you’re planning to create, maybe you don’t even need this option.

In that case, G7X Mark II will be an excellent value for money.

If you’re looking for equipment to start your own YouTube channel, begin with a camera (consider getting an action camera) and microphone (consider getting lapel microphone).

Without knowing what type of videos you’re planning to film, I would prefer any modern action camera over the other types of cameras.

I use the Sony action camera, but I am aware of the fact that GoPro action cameras are a much more popular choice among YouTubers. You could consider getting either a Sony FDRX3000/W or GoPro HERO8 Black as your first YouTube camera.

As for the first microphone, I would get a wireless lapel microphone.

So as you’ve learned, it doesn’t matter how good is your video equipment or how good of a moviemaker you are.

With every next video, you will become better in front of a camera.

Practice makes perfect, right?

I guess MrBeast’s recent win at Shorty Awards as the YouTuber of the year proves that.

Other finalists in the same category were ContraPoints, Eugenia Cooney, Jeffreestar, Vereena, and Wengie.

Shorty Awards honor the best of social media – individuals and organizations producing great content on such social media sites as YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, and others.

If you’re willing to learn more, you can visit the Shorty Awards website by clicking HERE.

So the key takeaway from this article is that you don’t need professional video equipment to start working on your YouTube channel. But I also understand how one would want to have the best possible equipment just to have that extra bit of confidence when creating first videos.

I hope you found this article helpful, and I wish you all the best with your own YouTube channel.

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