What Glasses Does Shroud Use? (UPDATED)

What Glasses Does Shroud Use? (UPDATED)
January 11, 2022 streamerwiz
Shroud glasses

Did you know that Shroud has two pairs of glasses?

In this article, you will find out what brand Shroud’s glasses are, how much they cost, and should you get ones for your gaming sessions.

We will also try to find out why exactly Shroud is wearing glasses and do they improve his reaction times?

So, what gaming glasses does Shroud wear?

Shroud uses Flexon E1042 glasses. Shroud’s glasses feature a flat metal bridge and lightweight temples. Shroud’s glasses cost $ 289.00. By adding a more expensive lens and a few extra enhancements, glasses like Shroud has could easily cost more than $ 500.

As already mentioned, Shroud has two pairs of glasses. Close pair and far pair.

Shroud says that he uses close vision glasses because they make smaller things pop a little bit more. They provide a little bit more clarity. Shroud says he could perform well without glasses as well.

This barely noticeable positive effect is why Shroud plays with glasses on.

So, Shroud’s glasses come in three colors – black, gunmetal, and navy. Shroud wears Flexon E1042 navy glasses.

The cheapest version of glasses like Shroud wears costs $ 289.00.

Compared to other blue light blocking glasses, it is pretty costly.

The best alternative has to be Gunnar RPG Razer Edition, but the most popular choice is Livho blue light blocking glasses that cost only $ 25.99.




Shroud’s Flexon E1042

$ 289.00


Gunnar RPG Razer Edition

$ 169.98


Horus X

$ 49.90



$ 25.99



Assuming Shroud has gone for the best Flexon glasses available, they could cost around $ 500.00 and include such enhancements as:

  • anti-reflective coating
  • reduced blue light exposure from digital screens
  • 100% UV protection
  • thin and light lenses
  • anti-scratch lenses

Now imagine having two pairs of Shroud’s glasses. You would have to add another $ 1000.00 to your gaming setup. Is it worth it?

Why is Shroud wearing glasses?

Do you think Shroud could outplay everyone at PUBG even without his glasses on? Most probably yes.

Although getting an expensive pair of gaming glasses will not improve your reaction times or other factors that could potentially lead to more wins over your competitors, a pair of quality gaming glasses will make your eyes feel less tired.

Long gaming hours cause strain on your eyes, and sometimes it can lead to unpleasant symptoms. So by getting quality gaming glasses, you could potentially avoid headaches, itchy eyes, and other symptoms.

Some of the best glasses for gaming are:

  • Livho 2 pack blue light blocking glasses
  • TIJN blue light blocking glasses
  • Gamma Ray blue light blocking glasses

Back to Shroud gaming glasses. What is the real reason why Shroud is wearing glasses? To find out, let’s look at what other people who own Flexon E1042 have to say about them.

Here are some reviews from the people who own the same glasses as Shroud has.

Frames are very lightweight and comfortable and stylish; the only downside the arms feel very flimsy, but I have not had any issues so far with them. (COCACOLAMASTER7, eyeconic.com)

The temples on this particular model are plastic and break easily. I’ve broken 3 temples. The main front part of the glasses are very durable however. (LH7777, eyeconic.com)

Very Light weight and durable. I don’t notice them all. (SCOTTM101956)

Many Flexon E1042 owners mention how light and durable these glasses are.

When someone from the chat asked Shroud whether the headsets were still comfortable with his glasses on, Shroud replied – I don’t even notice it, to be honest.

Shroud also said that he sees just as good as with the glasses off. He said that his glasses provide a little tiny bit more clarity.

Lightweight temples and lightweight blue light blocking lenses are why Shroud uses Flexon glasses.

Shroud Without Glasses

So Shroud always plays with his glasses on, but as he said in one of his videos, he could do it without glasses as well. That tiny bit of more clarity makes Shroud play with his glasses on.

Is it common to see Shroud in his streams without glasses? No. Shroud is wearing glasses also during just chatting sessions.

Shroud eyesight

Do glasses improve your reaction time?

So, how many streamers do you know who play with glasses on? Shroud, Zlaner, DrDisrespect. Who else?

And who plays without glasses? Ninja, summit1g, FaZe Nickmercs.

It is not like every big streamer is playing with glasses on.

Funnily enough, Dr. Disrespect is the only streamer who has managed to complicate things for himself big time. Meaning playing with sunglasses isn’t helping him.

You can read about his Google prototype scopes with built-in LCD, LED, 1080p, 3D, Sony technology built into every single lens in this article of mine.

So, do glasses improve reaction time, and is it the main reason Shroud wears glasses?

I couldn’t find any scientific evidence that gaming glasses improve reaction time.

Of course, if your eyesight is blurry and getting even worse, gaming glasses will improve your gaming. But if you already have good vision, wearing gaming glasses won’t improve your reaction time.

As gaming glasses have a magnification effect, you might find your gameplay look more appealing, objects might pop a little bit more, but that’s it. Most likely, you won’t be able to notice enemy players faster than without glasses.

Here are some advantages of wearing gaming glasses:

  • protection from blue light
  • prevents eyestrain
  • slight magnification effect
  • almost unnoticeable, but better clarity

Here is what Shroud has said about his eyesight: I think it is just so bad because it is. My eyesight is terrible. I can see from where I sit to my monitor. Anything past that is just a blur.

Shroud glasses brand

If you have ever searched for Shroud gaming glasses, you might have come across glasses called AG Shrouds by Avatude Gaming.

Be aware that Shroud doesn’t have a sponsorship deal with Avatude Gaming. However, they use Shroud’s name to get some attention for their glasses.

Shroud can’t be seen on any of their marketing materials, nor has he ever announced collaborating with Avatude Gaming.

Shroud gaming glasses by Avatude Gaming cost $ 99.00, and it is quite costly compared to other blue light glasses on the market.

Was creating glasses with Shroud’s name on them an intentional move by Avatude Gaming?

Although these glasses look good and they have several neat features you could want for your gaming glasses, don’t be tricked that these are the same glasses that Shroud wears.

Once again, Shroud wears Flexon E1042 glasses.

So, now that you have found out what shrouds glasses are; hopefully, this was a piece of valuable information or at least a good read.

Do you think that having gaming glasses could be one of Shroud’s streaming tips? Unfortunately, there is no information about the glasses he uses in his Twitch and YouTube video descriptions. So probably not.

To find out whether gaming glasses really work, you will have to get ones for yourself.

Just don’t be like some streamers who use sunglasses. Use gaming or computer glasses instead because regular sunglasses protect from the sunlight from the UV rays. At the same time, computer glasses protect from blue light.