11 Awesome Music Websites For YouTube You Didn’t Know Existed

11 Awesome Music Websites For YouTube You Didn’t Know Existed
May 12, 2020 streamerwiz
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where to get music for YouTube

Congratulations on searching and finding this type of article!

You’ve already made your first step towards using royalty-free (copyrighted) music for your videos on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Using royalty-free music is crucial to avoid having your account banned.

If you receive three strikes for using someone’s music without their permission in the same 90-day period, your account, along with any associated channels, will be permanently removed from Youtube.

So, where to get music for YouTube videos? To get music for YouTube videos, you have to find a royalty-free music platform you like, then register your account and start using it. Most music websites are easy to use. Make sure to read their licensing agreements and terms and conditions carefully. Getting free music from unreliable source might turn out to be illegal and lead to banned YouTube account.

Note that free music and royalty-free music aren’t the same things.

You might find a song or a sound effect online with no indications about its status of copyright, but you shouldn’t use it for your YouTube videos because this file could be copyrighted.

Use royalty-free music instead.

Often you will be able to get free music for YouTube videos, but you will have to attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor.

There are several proper ways to give credits, but usually, it is by linking back to the source of their work.

Most authors or licensors will provide attribution text for Copy&Paste.


Where To Get Free Music For YouTube Videos?

I’ve compiled a list of the most used music websites for YouTube and other social media platforms, starting with the ones where you don’t have to pay to get songs or sound effects for your videos.

To get music for YouTube videos for free, visit either one of these platforms – YouTube Audio Library, Soundcloud, Bensound or Filmmusic.

All of these platforms are great music libraries. Their only downside could be the fact that so many people use them.

So if you want to expand your music collection, consider using paid royalty-free music websites. The most popular website among many YouTubers is Epidemic Sound.

Here is the list of most popular music websites for YouTube videos:


music for YouTube YouTube audio library

1. YouTube Audio Library

YouTube already has a collection of royalty-free music. So maybe you don’t have to look for other platforms after all?

When browsing through YouTube Audio Library’s files, you will be able to select files that don’t require attribution.

To access YouTube Audio Library, head to your YouTube channel and look for the Audio Library button on the left side of your screen. No registration is needed. Simply open the music library and start using it. Remember to read terms and conditions.

Pricing: Free

Customer testimonials:

Also check out Copyright Free Sounds on YouTube. Lots of great stuff there, as well.

– burtonk, theverge.com

This is good for people who need transitional music in their videos. A little bit of sound here and there can go a long way in the flow of whatever kind of video someone is putting together.

– JustinEatingBacon, theverge.com

Visit YouTube Audio Library

music for YouTube Soundcloud

2. Soundcloud

There are countless Soundcloud streams offering royalty-free and no copyright music for private and commercial use.

You have to be logged in to browse music available for commercial use. Once logged in, simply type “royalty-free music” in the search box to find the best songs and sound effects for your YouTube videos.

Sometimes music makers will invite you to become their Patron before letting you download their tracks.

Pricing: free

Visit Soundcloud website

music for YouTube Epidemic Sound

3. Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound has been providing content creators with high-quality royalty-free music for more than ten years.

Epidemic Sound has approximately 30 000 tracks and 60 000 sound effects on their platform.

They offer a 30 day free trial for all new users – an excellent opportunity to get an idea of how the platform works.


  • Personal subscription – 13 EUR per month;
  • Personal subscription – 120 EUR per year;
  • Commercial subscription – 49 EUR per month;
  • Commercial subscription – 299 per year;
  • Custom;
  • Single licenses for tracks are available as well.

Customer testimonials:

Brilliant company, with amazing audio. Sensational, customized service. Extremely helpful.

– Marianne, trustpilot.com

I love the catalog and option for instrumental tracks. Very talented musicians to choose from.

– Robbie Kaye, facebook.com

I am extremely pleased with this service. As a content creator / small business owner, they worked with me to create a plan that worked for me.

– Mariah Moultrie, facebook.com

Visit the Epidemic Sound website

Check out Lost LeBlanc’s videos. He’s been using Epidemic Sound for years, and his videos sound great.

music for YouTube Bensound

4. Bensound

Benjamin Tissot started Bensound as a one-person project, but now also other artists can submit their music to Bensound.


  • Free with attribution;
  • Standard lifetime license – 34 EUR per one track;
  • Standard lifetime license – 139 EUR for all track;
  • Extended lifetime license – 65 EUR per one track;
  • Extended lifetime license – 390 EUR for all tracks;
  • TV/Radio ad license – 580 EUR per track.

Customer testimonials:

Fantastic selection of music – and the royalty-free stuff is EXCELLENT.

– Stuart Bradnam, facebook.com

Such a great variety of sound provided to other artists to use in multimedia projects.  The quality is excellent as well.

– Constance Echo Palmer, facebook.com

Great range of music at reasonable prices. Highly recommended.

– David Wright, facebook.com

Visit Bensound website

music for YouTube Filmmusic

5. Incompetech.filmmusic.io

Filmmusic’s website is intuitive and easy to use, but you will need to register an account to use all the possible search options. Without registering an account, you won’t be able to search for music by length, genres, moods, topics, and artists. The good news is that registration is free.


  • Free for personal and commercial use with attribution;
  • CC extended license – 20 EUR / once / per one track;
  • Premium = 20+ EUR / once / per one track.

Visit Filmmusic website

music for YouTube Pond5

6. Pond5

Pond5 is the world’s largest video marketplace, but they have music tracks and sound effects available as well.

I would like to highlight their audio tracks timed specifically for YouTube’s 15 and 30-second cutdowns.

All Pond5 licenses can be used for both personal and commercial projects.


  • Monthly membership – 195 EUR;
  • Annual membership – 960 EUR.

Customer testimonials:

Great videos and music. You can find practically all you need to make your films better and look more professional.

– Antonio de la cruz, trustpilot.com

Great collection of music and SFX. Affordable. Easy to navigate.

– Deyna Detroit Vesey, trustpilot.com

Visit Pond5 website


music for YouTube Audiojungle

7. Audio Jungle

Audio Jungle is a part of Envato Market – an online marketplace where designers, music makers, and developers sell their assets.

If you’re in a search not only for the music but also for the website templates, various graphics (logos, icons, etc.), 3D, and video files, then head to Envato Market by clicking HERE.

Pricing: from 1 USD per one track

Customer testimonials:

Already for five years, I am buying and selling on Audiojungle. Service at altitude, the quality of products is also improving, so I deservedly estimate 5 +. Great site, great service, and quality music!

– Veaceslav D, sitejabber.com

Visit Audio Jungle website

music for YouTube Hooksounds

8. HookSounds

HookSounds is another good royalty-free music platform. HookSound’s collection is 100% exclusive. So you will be able to browse through audio files that are not listed elsewhere.


  • 29 USD  per month (paid yearly);
  • 69 USD per month (paid monthly).

Single types of licenses:

  • Free with attribution;
  • PRO lifetime license – 24 EUR  per end-product;
  • Business lifetime license – 49 EUR  per end-product;
  • Broadcast lifetime license – 580 EUR per end-product.

Visit Hooksounds website

music for YouTube Premium Beat

9. Premium Beat

Premium Beat is Shutterstock’s company. This name could be familiar to you if you’ve ever searched for stock photos, vector graphics, and illustrations.

Available licenses:

  • Standard lifetime license – 49 USD  per one track
  • Premium lifetime license – 199 USD per one track

Visit Premium Beat

music for YouTube audiio

10. Audiio Sound

Audio is represented by ex-ad agency creatives, filmmakers, and musicians.

Either one of Audiio’s licenses will allow you to use any song downloaded from Audiio’s website for almost every type of media project.


  • Annual subscription – 149 USD per year
  • Lifetime music membership – 299 USD (one-time payment)

Visit Audiio website

music for YouTube Soundsnap

11. Soundsnap

Soundsnap is different from other royalty-free music platforms mentioned in this article.

Use Soundsnap to search for high-quality sound effects and loops from professional sound designers.

To get music for YouTube videos, you will have to look for it on other platforms. But to add special effects to your videos, look no further and register on Soundsnap.


  • Pay as you go – 15 USD (5 downloads)
  • Pay as you go – 29 USD (20 downloads)
  • Annual subscription – 100 USD per year
  • Lifetime music membership – 299 USD (one-time payment)

Visit Soundsnap website


How Much Does It Cost To Use Music On YouTube?

If you have gone through the article, then by now, you should know that it is possible to create YouTube videos without paying for the background music or the special effects, but often attribution will be needed.

When looking for music for YouTube, it is essential to use legitimate music websites. Like the ones mentioned in this article.

I’ve already mentioned it before, but please take your time reading licensing arguments before using music in YouTube videos.

So I hope you found this article useful.

Have a great day, and see you on YouTube!

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