Famous YouTuber equipment

  • Jul072020

    What Headphones Does PewDiePie Use?

    Find out what headphones does PewDiePie use. Discover PewDiePie headset’s price and where to get one for yourself. Learn what headset other streamers use.

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  • Jun262020
    what camera does Logan Paul use

    What Camera Does Logan Paul Use?

    Find out what camera does Logan Paul and other high profile YouTubers use. Complete list of Logan Paul’s cameras and the rest of his vlogging gear.

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  • Jun052020
    what chair does pewdiepie use

    What Chair Does PewDiePie Use?

    Did you know that the PewDiePie chair is available for purchase to everyone? Read this review of the PewDiePie chair to decide either you should buy it or not.

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  • Jun032020
    Jimmy Broadbent Setup

    Jimmy Broadbent’s PC Specs & Sim Racing Equipment

    Find out what are Jimmy Broadbent’s PC specs and learn everything about his rig and equipment. Learn what steering wheel does Jimmy Broadbent use and more.

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  • May312020
    dr disrespect

    Dr. Disrespect’s $315,000 PC Build And Streaming Gear

    Find out what are Dr. Disrespect’s PC specs and what gaming equipment he uses. Updated information about Dr. Disrespect’s newest PC build by Digital Storm.

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  • May262020
    what camera does David Dobrik use

    What Camera Does David Dobrik Use (UPDATED)

    David Dobrik’s vlogging camera is neither the newest nor the most expensive. The total costs of David Dobrik’s DSLR and digital cameras are around 1300 USD.

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  • May202020
    what camera does Roman Atwood use

    What Camera Does Roman Atwood Use? (UPDATED)

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    Find out what camera and vlogging equipment does Roman Atwood uses. Short product reviews, tips and tricks, and valuable information for new vloggers.

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  • May182020
    What camera does Jake Paul use

    What Camera Does Jake Paul Use? (UPDATED)

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    Find out what cameras and other video equipment does Jake Paul use to create his YouTube videos. Tips and tricks about cameras used by Jake and other YouTubers.

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  • May082020
    Unbox Therapy Setup

    Unbox Therapy Setup (All You Need To Know)

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    Unbox Therapy. MKBHD. Austin Evans. The Verge. These are the best technology channels on YouTube, but how about their video…

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  • May072020
    What camera does MrBeast use

    What Camera And Mic Does MrBeast Use?

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    Many assume that all of the famous YouTubers use high-end camera brands, but it is not entirely true for MrBeast…

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