• Jan112022
    Shroud glasses

    What Glasses Does Shroud Use? (UPDATED)

    What brand is Shroud’s glasses, how much do they cost, and should you get glasses as Shroud has as well? Shroud’s glasses comparison to other gaming glasses.

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  • Jul092020
    what chair does myth use

    What Chair Does Myth Use?

    Learn about Myth $799.99 gaming chair features and how it compares to other celebrity streamer gaming chairs. Check out Myth gaming chair’s best alternatives.

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  • Jun162020

    What Headset Does Tfue Use?

    Find out what headset does Tfue use and learn how to set up this super-specific headset properly. See Tfue headset compared to other popular streamer headsets.

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  • Jun102020
    what chair does timthetatman use

    What Chair Does TimTheTatman Use? (UPDATED)

    Find out what chair does Timthetatman uses and how it compares to other high profile streamer gaming chairs. Timthetatman gaming chair price, features, and more.

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  • Jun092020
    what chair does summit1g use

    What Chair Does Summit1g Use? (UPDATED)

    During 6 past years, Summit1g has had 3 different gaming chairs. Currently, Summit1g uses customized Noblechairs HERO series chair. Find out more here.

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  • Jun022020
    what glasses does dr disrespect use

    What Glasses Does Dr. Disrespect Use? (UPDATED)

    Dr. Disrespect gets a new pair of glasses every morning. He is the only one with access to Google prototype scopes, but similar glasses can be bought online.

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  • May172020
    Twitch vs Mixer

    Twitch vs. Mixer (Pros And Cons, Features, Opinions)

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    Decide which streaming platform is best for you Twitch or Mixer. Learn all there is to know for choosing the best streaming platform for your needs.

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