• Jun132020
    what headset does Shroud use

    What Headset Does Shroud Use?

    Find out what headset does Shroud currently use. Learn more about Shroud’s previous headset, and what headsets are popular among other high profile streamers.

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  • Jun112020
    what chair does Ninja use

    What Chair Does Ninja Use?

    Everything you need to know about Ninja’s chair and how it compares to other streamer chairs. Find out what chair does Ninja use, what are its specs, and more.

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  • May172020
    Twitch vs Mixer

    Twitch vs. Mixer (Pros And Cons, Features, Opinions)

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    Decide which streaming platform is best for you Twitch or Mixer. Learn all there is to know for choosing the best streaming platform for your needs.

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