14 Creative Background Ideas For YouTube Videos

14 Creative Background Ideas For YouTube Videos
May 14, 2020 streamerwiz
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YouTube background ideas

If you’ve been wondering what background to choose for YouTube videos, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I will share 14 background ideas for YouTube videos, and I will also share several tips & tricks for setting up a professional-looking YouTube studio.

I’ve put my focus on cheap and easy DIY ideas for the perfect background for your videos.

Here is the list of 14 YouTube background ideas:

  • Use a green screen;
  • Get a reasonably priced backdrop kit;
  • Use any fabric as a YouTube backdrop;
  • Use TV as the background for your videos and photos;
  • Use OBS for YouTube streaming;
  • Rebuild and use your backyard;
  • Use a background that is relevant to your YouTube niche;
  • Use your TV to display any type of information;
  • Use peel and stick wallpaper;
  • Use your workplace;
  • Record your YouTube videos inside the car;
  • For product reviews use the desk as a background;
  • Use decorative plastic wall panels;
  • Don’t use any background at all.

Now let’s take a closer look at each of the ideas.


1. Use a green screen

So the reason why people use greenscreens is to filter out the background

But why exactly, greenscreens? Because the bright green color is not what you usually see in the room. And it is not the color people usually wear as well. But the most crucial part is that it doesn’t show up on everyone’s body.

All of it together and with a little help from the video editing software allows making the background to disappear.

What you need is a green screen like this on Amazon.

Note that this green screen doesn’t come with the backdrop stand, but as it has a sleeve, it can be hung from a rod or duct-taped to a wall.

Another alternative would be to purchase a regular green colored blanket. If possible, buy one that’s in bright green. As for the dark and light green colors, it might appear too difficult to filter them out.


2. Get reasonably priced backdrop kit

Yes, most of the youtube backdrop ideas listed in this article will cost you nothing, but getting a decent backdrop kit will improve the looks of your YouTube studio by a mile.

You don’t need professional equipment – get reasonably priced backdrop kit instead.

Consider getting a backdrop kit like this on Amazon.

Here’s what people who own this exact backdrop kit have to say about it:

I expected this setup to by flimsy and cheap, but I was impressed when I got this.

– Lezine, amazon.com

Understand that you are buying a low end, a great quality ensemble that would costs you in the thousands if you went professional with each item. For the low cost, it is quite durable. 

– Dylan Ramsey, amazon.com

This is a good beginner set up for the amateur photographer. Everything was nicely packaged and didn’t take long to set up. It comes in two bags, making it easy to transport and storage.  

– Chloay, amazon.com


3. Use any fabric as a YouTube backdrop

YouTube background idea 3

Another idea is to use any fabric you like as your YouTube backdrop.

For example, take a look at StylishFabrics’s Etsy store. They have almost 6000 items in the store. So plenty of fabrics to choose from.

The only recommendation would be to choose a fabric that is not too reflective.

When working with fabric backdrops, you will often have to fight with the wrinkling. One solution for this type of problem is to stretch the fabric over frame.


4. Use TV as the background for your videos and photos

YouTube background idea 4

It’s as simple as that. Turn on your TV, choose a nice background and use it as the background for your videos and pictures.

To use TV as a background for a talking head video, you will need at least 65-inch TV so that you can stand further away from the camera.

But for the product photos, a 40-inch TV will do fine.


5. Use OBS for YouTube streaming

YouTube background idea 8

If you plan to stream your gaming session on YouTube, you will need to install OBS on your computer.

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a free, open-source, cross-platform streaming and recording platform.

The result of using OBS will be similar to the image above. Alternatively, you could use Wirecast or vMix.


6. Rebuild and use your backyard

YouTube background idea 6

It sounds expensive and challenging, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

The picture above is Yes Theory’s backyard. Besides the furniture, all you need to have to freshen up your backyard is some lighting and fence paint.

As the only downside to this idea, I see the bad weather conditions. Other than that, filming videos in the backyard of the house would literary give you more space for creativity.


7. Use a background that is relevant to your YouTube niche

YouTube background idea 6

What is your YouTube niche? Leave a comment, and maybe we can try coming up with ideas for your YouTube background together.

You can always film your videos in your bedroom, but maybe it is worth thinking about having an environment that is more appropriate for topics covered in your videos.

For example, if you’re a mechanic and you’re willing to start an auto repair YouTube channel, the best background would be the garage itself.

Surely you could go set up lighting, have the backdrop stands and all that kind of stuff in there, but for the beginning, a smartphone is all the equipment you need.


8. Use your TV to display any type of information

This one is similar to idea number 4. Only in this case, the TV would serve you as a background display in your talking head YouTube video.

It is an excellent solution if you have to present data while explaining a process.

Other ways of using TV as one of the background elements in your videos would be to run interviews, to display random animated backgrounds, etc.


9. Use peel and stick wallpaper

There are so many self-adhesive wallpapers available. Your task is simply to choose the best one for your channel’s backdrop.

Click HERE to see what peel and stick wallpapers are available on Amazon.


10. Use your workplace

If you’re a business owner and you would like to promote your products or services on YouTube, you could set up a YouTube studio at your workplace.

For example, if you sell video cameras, why bother bringing those cameras home to make videos? Make videos at your workplace instead.

This way, your subscribers will get the chance to see your company’s everyday life and to get to know your employees. All of it will help to build a relationship between you and your subscribers, which is crucial if you’re in for a long-term game.


11. Record your YouTube videos inside the car and use its interior as a background

YouTube background idea 10

Look at Complex Ambition’s YouTube channel. All of their videos are shot inside a car.

They’ve been creating videos since 2016, and now they have more than 200 000 subscribers for their channel. Also, it looks like they have been filming with their smartphones.

Shooting videos only from inside a car puts limits on what things you can do, but for the reaction videos, it isn’t a problem.

Nevertheless, it is another good idea of where to film YouTube videos with almost no filming equipment needed.


12. For product reviews use the desk as a background

YouTube background idea 11

Not all YouTubers show their faces on their videos, and depending on your niche, you don’t have to do it as well.

For example, look at Minute Physics. This YouTube channel has more than 5 million subscribers, and that number was reached without ever showing the face of the man behind the channel to his followers.

Many travel vloggers choose to do the same thing, and there are many other niches where it is possible to grow the channel without revealing the content creators face as well.

For example, if you would plan to start a product review YouTube channel, then all equipment you would need would be a desk, camera, microphone, maybe some lighting and products to review.

I can’t think of any desks that wouldn’t be suitable as backgrounds for product review videos. Meaning, depending on your niche, you could choose between wooden, metal, plastic, or other material desks.

I wouldn’t be sure about choosing a glass desk, but maybe that’s the idea you were looking for?


13. Use decorative plastic wall panels

YouTube background idea 12

Use peel and stick decorative wall panels – a simple and relatively cheap solution.

A 3D plastic wall panel like this one on Amazon would make a perfect background for your YouTube videos. Add some color to it to make it even better.

Combine 3d wall panels with creative lighting to create a modern and unique YouTube studio.


14. Don’t use any background at all

You don’t necessarily need a background setup for your videos.

For example, look at MrBeast. He reached 100 000 YouTube subscribers by filming his videos with an iPhone 5 and without having a YouTube studio. You can read my article about his current YouTube equipment HERE.


Now that you’ve learned all these ideas, it is time to get to work and to create your YouTube studio.

If you had a good read, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comments section below.

And if you will use any of these ideas to build your studio, I would love to see how it turned out once it is ready.

Have a great day, and see you on YouTube!

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